Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Point of View - No Head Hopping Allowed

No Head Hopping Allowed

What is point of view (POV) refer to?
POV identifies through whose eyes the story is told.

First person- I or we
Second person - you
Third person- he, she, it, or they

When writing in a character's point of view, it is important not to switch focus from one character's view to another.

A tear hovered on the tip of Nadia's nose. Raul brushed it aside and kissed her trembling lips.

Even though we are in third person we are experiencing the scene from Raul's point of view.

Wisps of my copper colored locks escaped my figure- eight bun.
My character wouldn't refer to her own hair escaping from my bun, because "I" can't see it.

Raul brushed his black hair off of his forehead and his brown eyes delved into Nadia's hazel green eyes.
Raul would not speak of his own hair as black nor eyes as brown. Unless he can see his own reflection leave those details out of the narrative.
can't discuss things he doesn't experience.
Nadia's heart thundered in her ears.

Raul would not know that.

It seems an easy is take to avoid, but worms its way into my writing regularly. When I complete a manuscript I dedicate a full edit to nothing but it or I miss it. It's one of my final editing tasks. After I have combed through my manuscript six plus times I still find these errors. It is really frustrating!