Friday, February 11, 2011


Blogging seemed to be beyond me.

How will I come up with topics to write about?

How will I get followers?


Let's take it one step at a time.

Why do you want to start a blog? What's its purpose?
Are you wanting to sell a product? If so, your blog should be designed to attract your buyer. I'm designing a new blog. My blog's links and post topics will be centered around kid, teacher and parent interests.

What are you passionate about?
You'll have a hard time coming up with things to write about if you're not knowledgeable and don't care about your subject.

Who is going to read or be interested in your subject? Identify your target audience.
Divorced woman age 30+ with children? ostrich farmers in the mid west? parents of disabled children?

Put on your researcher's hat. What do those people read?
Find blogs that interest you and attract the type of visitors that would be interested in your subject. How? Read the comments and follow the links to commenter's blogs and their follower's sites.

Think up a catchy title. What will grab the attention of your audience?

Blog at least two days a week.