Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unique Marketing Idea: Make Your Characters Sing and Speak

Looking for a unique way to promote your book or website? Visit The Character Studio DOT com. Listen to the musical creations LeFerna Walch has made for several books, her character interviews or animations.

Leferna is one of the most gifted and creative people I know. She can write songs of any genre that are guaranteed to either pull at your heartstrings or tickle your funny bone. When she wrote “Hee Hawlelujah” for my children’s book Stubby’s Destiny, I became her number one fan. When Leferna works her musical magic, the characters in your books come to life in a way you never imagined.
-Dixie Phillips Author of Stubby's Destiny

I can't say enough about this one woman dynamo. She created my animated website introduction.Most recently she wrote the theme song for my Klutzy Kantor series of books. The song, "Go Me!", teaches a dance and promotes reading. The character interview and music video are in production. I'm sure they will be wonderful. She has a talent for bringing characters to life. Here's a link to KLUTZY KANTOR's theme song, "Go Me!"

-J.Aday Kennedy Author of "Klutzy Kantor"

I was very blessed to be one of the first to have LeFerna and The Character Studio DOT com create a theme song for my characters. She totally captured Rooter and Snuffle's personalities and amazed me. She also created a video about my characters that is a delight. Her talent knows no bounds. Check them out at .
-Shari Lyle-Soffe Author of "Rooter & Snuffle

The Singing Chi Hua Hua by Le Ferna Walch

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little FREE Publicity

WHAT: J. Aday Kennedy will be interviewed by Robert McConnell

WHERE: international AM radio station "X" ZONE

WHEN: June 1, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST

How will the the interview be conducted?
Over the phone

How did J. Aday Kennedy get the interview?
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She responds to 2 or more news topics per week.