Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad Contest


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad

My essay "A Real Dad" is on page 197 under Jessica Kennedy. It would make a great Father's Day gift. To enter the drawing leave this comment - Enter drawing- FREE copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad w/ "A RealDad" essay by Jessica Kennedy

For metioning each blog and commenting on each you can gain more entries.

  • Find one promotional idea on J. Aday Kennedy's blog and describe it for two enries. Share a unique idea for three entries.

  • Follow J. Aday Kennedy's blog for a single entry.
  • Blog about the contest for two entries. (leave link)

  • Tweet about the contest (leave link)

  • Announce it on Facebook for two entries (leave link)

  • For an additional entry announce the contest on Live Journal, Jacket Flap, Book Marketing Network, LinkedIn or another social network (leave link)

If over twenty peope respond I will give two books away to different recipients.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Create an Amazon Author Page

1. Go to a page with a book you’ve written
2. Scroll to Product Details and click update product info
3. On the right is a paragraph that begins, “Are you the author or publisher of this book?” Click
4. Six tabs will appear at the top of the page and above the header Welcome to Author Central. Home Profile Books Blog Videos & Events

Welcome to Author Central

Home This page notifies authors (artists can utilize the feature, too) of the new and improved features available.

Books All books written or illustrated by you will be listed. If there is a book not listed it has a function to add books to your list.

Profile Use your profile to tell readers who you are, what you enjoy writing, and more. Below you'll find easy-to-use tools for adding a personal biography and an author photo, both of which will appear on your author page.

Blog If you're already blogging on your own you can display those posts on your author page just add an RSS feed. Otherwise you can create a blog here.

Videos Upload your interview, book trailer, or book signing video and it will display on the author page. They host up to one video at any given time. You can replace your video with another, or remove it altogether. The maximum video file size is 500MB, and the maximum duration is 10 minutes.

Events The events you list will appear shortly on your Amazon Author Page. They will also be shared with theirr partner, Events on are sent around the web to local media outlets, event listing services, and other book-friendly sites.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Promotion for a Creaky Old House and Review

Written by Linda Ashman
Illustrated by Michael Chesworth
Copyright: 2009, Sterling Publishing.
ISBN: 978-1-4027-4461-7
Price: $14.95
Format ebook, paperback, hardback, CD: hardcover
Genre/age group/type of publication: rhyming picture book, ages 4-8

Brief synopsis:

For want of a screw, the doorknob was lost; for want of a knob, the door was lost…and, from there, comic chaos builds in a series of hilarious steps! Linda Ashman (Stella Unleashed) serves up a heaping helping of humorous fun as one big, happy family bands together to handle a series of household calamities—and save their beloved home. Narrated in catchy, beguiling verse, and featuring panoramic art that captures fun-filled action all around the house, this is the perfect story for every child who feels there’s no place like home.

Creaky Old House Review

Remodeling an old house and uncovering one problem that leads to another is artfully depicted by Linda Ashman's rhyming prose and Michael Chesworth's illustrations. The humorous tale is outrageously imaginative. A doorknob that needs replacing grows into plans to renovate the entire house. Anyone with experience sprucing up an old house will relate to the snowballing effect of one project turning into dozens. Children will be delighted by the detailed descriptions couched in rhyme and love that it takes a child's simple wisdom to fix the doorknob and avoid the complicated renovations.

Marketing a Creaky Old House

This is the perfect time of year to promote this book. Every spring homeowners flood the home improvement stores. So, take advantage of it and schedule your next book signing at the hardware or home improvement store.

March is National Poetry Month - run a contest at your website for the best story poem. Make sure to announce it at school visits and post flyers at libraries and other places that kids congregate.

Second week in April is Building Safety Week - Post a plan for the people that live in "The Creaky Old House" in case of fire or other emergency. Send the detailed directions on post cards to teachers to use for a lesson in their classrooms.

July is National Doghouse Repair Day - Host your book signing at a hardware, home improvement store or pet store with a tip sheet on creating a Creaky Old Dog House.