Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing Book Signing Event in Bend, OR

Extra! Extra! Read all about IT!

Nine of Guardian Angel Publishing's Authors, the publisher and Illustrators are joining together at the Barnes & Noble in Bend, Oregon September 19 to read their picture books and sign them.

Janet Collins
Mary Jean Kelso
K.C. Snider
Janie Robinson
Susan Berger
Bill Kirk
Susann Batson
Shari Lyle-Soffe
Lynda Burch publisher Guardian Angel Publishing

For weeks before their arrival in Bend, Oregon the group bubbled with enthusiasm. They could not wait. If their excitement is equaled by the success of the event, it will be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Barnes & Noble is thrilled to be hosting the event. The Bulletin, a newspaper in Bend, Oregon has written a story on the festivities, too. If you are having a tough time getting the big bookstores to host you, try forming a group of authors to schedule a book signing together, they might say no to a single author and yes to a handful.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Your Book Signing Newsworthy

You've written a book. That's BIG news to you. Why should the media care? You have to hook them. You know the importance of grabbing the attention of people that read your book. Getting media interested in your book will require the same thing.Unless you are newsworthy and hook the your media through your release, it will only see the waste basket.

Hooking the Media.
Hold a contest at a radio station. Give away something that is related to your book. The bigger the prize, the longer you can draw out the contest and get mentioned for FREE on the radio. The newspapers and/or television station might be interested in a similar contest and/or promote the radio contest.
If you would like some additional exposure, buy time to broadcast a radio commercial. Try to select a commute time. Radio commercials are pretty cheap ($10- $20 for a 60 second commercial).
At a book signing offer a discount to patrons that donate a gently used book for a collection of books to be donated to your library.
This will not only make you more newsworthy, it will breed good will at your local library and build their book collection (which might help you land some book signings).