Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book Signing Table Lure

I was looking through an online store. I came across a book. It's how to make balloon animals. I bought it & 100 balloons. I wonder if it will draw people to my table at book signings or if it will be too distracting.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Shaking? - An Earthquake Book Review

Written by Sue Berger
Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Print ISBN 13: 978-1-933090-66-5
Ebook ISBN 13:

"Earthquake" provides an explicit description of earthquakes. It answers the questions that would arise in a person’s mind about cause and effect. From a dissection and explanation of the earth to a clear and concise description of the physical events that cause an earthquake to preparation and actions to take before, after and during a seismic episode “Earthquake” succeeds in painting an accurate and easily understandable picture.

The vocabulary makes the book easily understood by children. Although the book was written with children in mind it would be as useful to adults. As a native Texan transplanted in the San Francisco Bay area in California during the “Great Quake of ‘89”, this book would have been a valuable resource to demystify the tragic quake.

The book can easily be incorporated into a classroom discussion of seismic activity. It would compliment and enhance a science class of any and all ages. The lessons on preparing for the possibility of an earthquake would prove invaluable if a major quake is experienced.

In 1989, if a plan had been set forth prior to the event, fears and anxieties could have been allayed. Telephone, utilities, transportation and information disseminators were interrupted. People were in the dark literally and figuratively. If the simple steps were followed in the book these problems could have less of an impact or be avoided.

One suggestion in the book is to designate a phone number out of the state for your family to call to act as a hub of information about you and your family’s well-being. Phone lines in the affected areas are often interrupted. It’s easier to contact a person out of the area in another state. You can let your family know you are okay and get information about them by calling the designated phone number as soon as you can get to a phone. Instead of spending hours and days pacing the floor forced to wonder, your worries can be laid to rest.

With the combination of eye-opening factoids on earthquake preparedness; clear descriptions of the how, what, when, where and why of earthquakes; and past earthquakes and their consequences, the reader is fully armed with an understanding of seismic activity. The illustrations by Eugene Ruble compliment the text and lend humor to a frightening and serious subject. “Earthquake” will earn its place on any bookshelf and is destined to be dog eared and worn from children using it as a reference on this subject.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elizabeth Fant

Elizabeth Fant
Library Media Specialist

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Elizabeth Fant began her career in librarianship in 1998. She left the world of retail to go back to school to study library science. During her quest for a master’s degree in library science, she worked for about a year in the Marion County Public Library system. Elizabeth was “recruited” into the public school system and, along with the birth of her second child, soon became too “busy” to actually finish the master’s program. She is now 8 years into being a media specialist and at her second elementary school.


Elizabeth Fant works in Ocala, Florida within the Marion County Public School System at Dr NH Jones Elementary (760 students, K-5), a math, science, technology and media production magnet school. Her role as a media specialist is to run the media center, the hub of the school, assist teachers with all needs, curriculum and technology and participate as needed with parents, organizations and the community. The media center has over 16,000 items, over 12,000 books available to teachers, parents and students. They have a studio for production of our morning show and editing and filming news segments.

Elementary School Media Specialist Interview

Aday: How does your library select books to purchase?

Elizabeth: We make purchases based on reviews from School Library Journal and other professional publications, suggestions from parents, teachers and students.

Aday: What would make an author’s book more attractive to librarians?

Elizabeth: It would include references and resources for students and teachers to use to pursue the subject further or create lesson plans and book club activities.

Aday: What are the “hot” titles, authors and subject matter today for students or faculty?

Elizabeth: Even the elementary students want the Twilight series, I’m not sure if it’s the vampires or the romance that is attracting them to the story. Author Rick Riordan has a very popular series, that began with the title “The Lightning Thief”. Younger students still love Junie B Jones, a lovable trouble maker, the Magic Tree House, adventures with a little bit of factual learning and the Boxcar Kids, mystery.

Aday: What “types” of books are needed at this time?

Elizabeth: Books for students that deal with the issues of today’s society on a child’s level.

Aday: Do you have any contests or activities to promote literacy?

Elizabeth: We promote reading using the Accelerated Reader computer software program. Students earn points, prizes and rewards. We have an AR Wall of Fame where students get to see their picture posted in the library and if an entire class gets on the Wall, the class picture is broadcast on our in-house tv channel. Our culminating activity for the year, if the students reach a predetermined AR point goal, will be to get to “slime” an administrator.

Aday: What is most attractive to your teachers? What do they request (titles, authors, subject matter, etc…)?

Elizabeth: Teachers want low level high interest books for the students that struggle, high level but still appropriate for an elementary library books for the readers that excel beyond our collection, a wide-assortment of fiction ad non-fiction to cover all aspects of the curriculum – from Presidential biographies to wierd creatures of the world.

Aday: What gets kids motivated to read?

Elizabeth: I think when you promote lists like the Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award and the Florida Reading Association with rewards for reading the books and an opportunity to give your opinion by voting for your favorite, this gets some students motivated to read a few more books than they would on their own.

Offering appropriate and educational incentives that also promote self-confidence and pride in a child, not only gets them to read, it makes them shine.

Aday: Approximately hw many books does the library have , and how many are added yearly?

Elizabeth: Our collection has approximately 13,000 titles available for check out and we add approximately 500 new books and quizzes each year, depending on funding.