Friday, January 23, 2009

Do What Works for You - Goal Setting 2009

It’s time to evaluate my plan, because it’s not working for me. I like the idea of the calendar, but some days I want to work on this or that. I haven’t been following the plan in the manner I’ve laid out.

This creates a feeling of failure. I’m completing the tasks, but not on the days they’re noted. Creating a daily plan of action didn’t work well for me. Instead I have a list of things to do each week. I check them off as I complete them & note them on my calendar.

A trick to setting goals and achieving them is devising a plan of action that works for you. Here’s my revised plan and how it will work.

Everyday, I’ll look at my list and decide what I’ll do to accomplish a week’s task.


__Work on Picture book – revise/edit, brainstorm, write a new story.

__Work on Picture book – revise/edit, brainstorm, write a new story.

__Work on Picture book – revise/edit, brainstorm, write a new story.

__Prepare blog post for 3 day publishing rotation schedule

__Prepare blog post for 3 day publishing rotation schedule

__Prepare blog post for 3 day publishing rotation schedule

__Send 10 Interview Requests

__Send 10 Interview Requests

__Send 10 Interview Requests

__Website Link Check and Add

__Website PDF, Writing Tip, or misc. page add

__Network – Add friends on social networking sites, comment on blogs, __Comment on group messages

__Write 2,000 words for middle grade reader novel.

__Complete critiques and/or submit story/book chapter for critique

__Prepare talking book order for research

__Prepare mail

__Prepare mail

__Prepare mail


__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

__Read & Write Email

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Muse Marquee Newsletter Interview

Publication Frequency: monthly other than August and December when we're on vacation

Distribution Method: via website with archives in each editors' page

Length of Existence: going on to 3 years


The Muse Marquee is geared as an educational and helpful ezine/newsletter for writers. We do have poetry and flash fiction each month for our readers to enjoy. Amongst the articles, we have book reviews, interviews, and links to various writing sources.


Lea Schizas-founder of the Muse Marquee- column Mother Hen's Bin

Susan Stephenson- cofounder- column Muselings

Les Stephenson- cofounder - column Up From Down Under

Charles Mossop- cofounder - column Worlds Apart

Norma Howell- editor - The Written Word

J. Aday: Why did you start the Muse Marquee?

Lea: There are so many writers out there and just as many online ezines. What I noticed is that there were many expert writers in the Muse community who specialized in various writing areas I knew would be helpful to many. The concept of The Muse Marquee is to have a steady supply of writing articles offered by the same editor who knows that particular field.

J. Aday: Has it always been a collaborative effort?

Lea: The Muse Marquee originally was founded by me and several months later I decided to give all the editors equal partnership. That was only fair since their helpful columns play a big part in the Muse Marquee’s success. We are a team, each offering their input, suggestions, etc. A new change or addition never happens until we all deliberate and unanimously agree.

J. Aday: Since it’s available online, how do you get subscribers? What benefit does subscribing provide?

Lea: We have a subscription box for readers to sign up for our monthly ezine. The benefit is the readers get the announcement first that The Muse Marquee is now published along with any contest news and announcements before any other reader who has bookmarked our ezine. It’s highly recommended to subscribe instead of chancing upon our new release, to be the first readers for anything important like upcoming workshops that are on a first come, first served basis


J. Aday: How do you use the subscriber information?

Lea: We don’t abuse the subscriber information. It is used only as a mass email for new issue releases.

J. Aday: How do you promote it?

Lea: Through various sites, blogs, and newsletters.

J. Aday: Why do you think it has been successful?

Lea: We offer a diverse range of writing information to fit any type of writer, newbie or seasoned, and ones who write in a variety of genres. We’re consistent in our monthly releases. One area readers have enjoyed was our Mommacrit area. She’s our mystery editor who criticizes the first 500 words of any writer’s work who dares to submit to her.

J. Aday: What are three lessons that you have learned that have eased its production?

Lea: Easy:

1- collaboration with the other editors makes life go smoothly

2- a system for each of the editors to upload their columns ahead of the game for me to prepare the website

3- listening to readers to find out what they want

J. Aday: How did you find the cofounders?

Lea: They were members of The MuseItUp community of writers. I didn’t need to look elsewhere to find editors who were top of the line professionals. Every endeavor I begin involve members of any of the Muse groups because each and everyone of them are diligent and determined writers to succeed in their field of expertise. The newest editor, Norma Howell, was highly recommended by Les Stephenson, editor of Up From Down Under, and he was right. Norma’s simple to follow columns have been educational and bring back some basic knowledge on grammar.

J. Aday: Is each columnist responsible for topic selection, content and editing?

Lea: Yes, each editor picks their own topic for their monthly columns, and edit their work. However, like any good ezine, Les Stephenson takes a look at the final version for clarity, placement, and any typos or grammatical errors before it’s announced to our subscribers. I’m smiling right now because I am sure Les will find something I could have tightened in this interview.

J. Aday: What can we look forward to in 2009?

Lea: More FREE contests to enter for cash prizes, a possible Muse Marquee blog to keep in touch with our editors and post questions to them, and other goodies we are discussing. We strive to add something new each year and I believe the blog will be an added bonus for our readers. It will give them an opportunity to read the editors columns, then hop on over to our blog to post comments/questions and get immediate answers.

Thank you, Jessica, for the opportunity to talk about the Muse Marquee. We are all very proud of our ezine and have seen it come a long way from its birth.