Friday, December 5, 2008

December's Happenings

December's interviews look at the do's and don'ts of book signings. What should you do before the signing, during and after.

My desktop computer is due to be returned next week. With it's return, I'll be posting more frequently.

My website will be getting more updates for teachers, writers and kids. I'm researching how to write a press release. When I have completed my research, I'll add a section to the writer's area of my website. I'll also post the press release I design and the links that directed me.

If you are a writer and would like to contribute to my website and get some exposure email me at What experience do you have that you could share? Your article/essay will appear at

In the meantime, I pray you and your family are enjoying this festive season.

God Bless,
J. Aday Kennedy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Computer Gremlins, Vista & MS Office 2007

The computer gremlins attacked my desktop computer. This forced me to use my laptop. I bought it in May of 2008. I've spent about three hours on it until my desktop computer had to be repaired. My computer guy took it on Friday.

I opened the internet and checked my email. It appeared the rumors were true. Vista slowed everything way down. Things were located in different places and my computer froze about once an hour.

Already mildly irritated, I decided to open MS Word 2007. I couldn't find the icon. Instead there's a desktop icon that reads "New Microsoft Office Document". This icon will supply access to PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
I was not pleased.

When I clicked "New Microsoft Office Document", a window pops up. Tabs crossed the top of the window which described types of documents: "General, Faxes, Letters, Other Documents, Presentations, Reports, Resumes, Spreadsheet Solutions. I chose "General".

MS Word appeared. I was well-versed in the drop down menus, functions and appearance of older versions. The new look has the following tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailing , Review, View and Developer. When each tab was clicked a different toolbar appeared.

If you haven't upgraded, I wanted to warn you. This will take a bit of time to adjust.

Are You Ignorant?

The Key to Writing a Good Interview could be ignorance.
Several people have complimented my interviews of people on my blog. The key to my writing an interview people want to read comes from my ignorance on many subjects on writing for children. My ignorance is my best friend.

I write questions after I’ve found a need for an answer. First, I review author’s websites and their blogs. Do they have knowledge or experience I need? What can they teach me and my readers?

Let’s face facts. You may write well. Authors and artists may enjoy being asked questions about their books and life. Why do others want to read those interviews?It may not be pretty, but people are motivated by self-interest. Make them laugh or cry and they might stay and read. Will that make them come back again and again?

Self interest. Isn’t that why you read a blog? Your self interest could be fueled by a number of things. It could be as simple as the desire to laugh, cry or be inspired. I read blogs for information. The need to know is what drives my self interest.

I satisfy my need to know by asking questions of people that know the answers to the how, what and why of writing for kids.

I signed my first book contract in September. My need to know centers around selling books. One of the ways to sell books, is to make presentations to children at schools.

In the month of November, I am learning about school visits. My questions come from my ignorance and need to know. Instead of worrying about what you don’t know, use it to your advantage.