Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Woman's Way to Fill In Online Forms

Here's something I've done cuz I type so slow. I made myself a Word document with my name, address, phone number, email , login names, etc.- just listed in a column. I make a lot of typos so this helps me out.
Then lets say I go to a website that needs my login, or some of this other info. I don't have to type it. I just copy and paste it. Here's how:
1. You're on the internet and need to fill in some form.
2. Open your Word file that holds your general information.
3. Highlight the information you needed to fill in on the website.
4. Hold down the Ctrl key and the letter C.
5. Return to the website and click in the blank space.
6. Press the Ctrl key and the V key.
7. The information should have pasted into the blank.
*** You can copy and paste information this way from almost anything to anything .

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