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Carolyn Howard-Johnson on Publishing Options

Multi Published Author Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson is an award-winning author of fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Her HowToDoItFrugally series of books has helped writers and retailers worldwide. Learn more at

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s first novel, This is the Place, won eight awards and her book of creative nonfiction, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, won three. Her fiction, nonfiction and poems have appeared in national magazines, anthologies and review journals. A chapbook of poetry, Tracings, was named to the Compulsive Reader's Ten Best Reads list and was given the Military Writers' Society of America's Silver Award of Excellence. She speaks on Utah ’s culture, tolerance and book promotion and editing and has appeared on TV and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She is an instructor for UCLA Extension’s world-renown Writers’ Program and her how-to book, The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t was named USA Book News’ “Best Professional Book 2004." and the Irwin Award. Her The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success also won a nod from USA Book News and won Readers' Views Literary Award. Her marketing campaign for that book won the marketing award from New Generation Indie Book Awards.

Howard-Johnson is the recipient of the California Legislature’s Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award, the Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award and her community's Character and Ethics award for her work promoting tolerance with her writing. She was also named to Pasadena Weekly's list of 14 women of " San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen."

The author loves to travel and has studied at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom ; Herzen University in St. Petersburg , Russia ; and Charles University , Prague . She admits to carrying a pen and journal with her wherever she goes. Her website is: and

Interview with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Aday: You amaze me. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about publishing avenues and building a platform and name for yourself.

Carolyn: It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the years, Aday.Watching you publish and grow your platform. You make me happy.

Aday: Can you share with us the venues you used to publish your many books?

Carolyn: I’ve published almost every way there is, Aday. I think that puts me in a good position to advise other writers about publishing. I know what works for some titles, what works for others. And I don’t come to the table with the prejudice that there is but one way to do things.

Aday: Why did you choose one method above another?

Carolyn: Early on, I didn’t really choose. Though I had a background in marketing and a background in journalism, I didn’t know anything—really—about the publishing of books. I learned the hard way. Generally speaking, I like the traditional paths for novels and the self-publishing path for how-to books. I’ve used both for poetry. There is a long history of poets publishing their books on their own and I’ve done that with a Celebration Series of gift chapbooks I’ve done it with Magadalena Ball. But I also published Tracings, a chapbook of poetry, with Finishing Line Press. And with more than a dozen books and booklets published, I don’t think you want a list of each! There is an excellent book coming out in its 4th edition that wouldn’t hurt any writer to read. Even ones who think they’d never want to self publish. It’s Marilyn Ross’s Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing.

Aday: What should someone consider before they choose a method for publication?

Carolyn: Because of the amazing number of ways to publish (and ways I’ve published), Aday, I think this would take a book to explain. A WHOLE book. LOL. Having said that, whether a book is mine or someone else’s the best way to publish it depends on

1. Their own dreams for publishing.

2. Their goals for literary success.

3. Their goals for monetary success (they surely are different!)

4. The title of their book (nonfiction may do better than fiction in one of the so-called self-publishing paths).

5. How much they can afford to invest in the success of their book—in terms of both time and money.

There may be other issues that would influence a choice, Aday, and those might come out in the consultations I do with authors. But these are the major ones to consider.

Aday: In retrospect what would you do differently?

Carolyn: Oh, greatest of all questions I wouldn’t be in such a rush to publish my first book, which was a novel, This Is the Place ( I’d have been more patient, even maybe put some of my marketing plans aside until I knew a bit more.

Aday: What are three of the most powerful tools you’ve used to market your books and why?

Carolyn: Speaking and teaching are the most powerful, across the board in publishing any genre. That’s because the ability to speak is important for teaching, for radio, for TV appearances, for podcasts, for Webinars—you get the idea. I advise everyone to “just get over it”—meaning that fear so many of us have about speaking.

The next most powerful is online promotion. It can reach soooooooo many people with so little effort. Of course, with many of the online possibilities, the ability to speak is still a plus!

I’m going to turn this around a bit. Generally the least successful ways to market are the ways most beginning authors dream of—like book signings and book launches. There are exceptions to that, of course. But the best marketing is out-of-the-box marketing.

Aday: You are the “go to gal for frugal marketing”, how did you create this platform beyond writing your frugal books?

Carolyn: Actually the “beyond marketing” is the platform I had been creating all my life because I loved writing. One of the secrets to that is keeping records of everything you do. If you don’t, you’ll forget and then—when your book is finished—you’ll say, “Oh, I don’t have a platform!

BTW, one of the most important platforms you can have is your LIST. I explain in great detail how to build your list (or lists) in The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won’t. I think that explanation is one of the most important parts of the book. (

Aday: From author’s marketing their books and themselves, to retailers marketing their stores and wares, to poetry you write it all. Do you write them all at the same time? What’s your writing schedule/nonscheduled?

Carolyn: I used to do only one thing at a time. The Internet got me into more multi tasking. I’m not sure that’s good. But I do find I can work poetry into small snippets of time and that my novels need huge segments of uninterrupted time or they get lost and forgotten. And to be honest, I write and promote all the time that I don’t have some of life’s normal pursuits scheduled. You know, like eating. Well, OK. Sometimes even when I’m eating.

Aday: Take a peek at all of the books Carolyn has written.

This is a list from my media kit. BTW, that record keeping we talked about? That building of a platform? That will one day be an author’s media kit. It is never too early to learn to do that! Again, The Frugal Book Promoter (

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She Wore Emerald Then is collaboration on the subject of motherhood by award-winning poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, both of them mothers and daughters. They worked together on a book of love poetry called Cherished Pulse to the acclaim of reviewers. She Wore Emerald Then is available as both an e-chapbook and paperback and is illustrated with tender photographs by May Lattanzio. As it happens, it was released the week of death of Carolyn's mother—a fitting tribute.

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Coming in 2010: A chapbook from the Celebration Series of little giftbooks from Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson,
Blooming Red: Christmas poetry for the rational. As part of the special celebration gift book series, Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball have produced a new poetry chapbook focusing on fathers, husbands, and men in general. This makes a wonderful gift for Father's Day or anytime you want to say something unique in a way that only poetry can to a special male in your life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making the Scene Come Alive

Today I want to share a tip I learned from a class in fantasy fiction.

Draw a map of the...
  • World
  • City
  • Building
  • Rooms with furniture placement
***It is a royal pain, but very worth it.

Does your main character have a hobby?
  • Shop for the tools he/she needs to do their hobby.
  • Collect images of these item
*** I create these items in a Power Point document and refer to them when I'm writing about them.

In my current book, I have my maps in Power Point and jpegs of my main character's art tools. She likes to draw and is quite accomplished and takes it seriously.

She has a studio and I have mapped it out. My character is in a wheel chair. It's important that the furniture be placed to accommodate her free movement.

By drawing the rooms, their decorations stand out. The setting becomes more real to me, and I can make the scene come to life for my readers.

What do you do to flesh out scenery and your characters? Leave a comment and let us know.