Sunday, October 31, 2010

rel='nofollow' Do Your Backlinks Work

Did you know Blogger automatically stops your backlinks? I just learned this. I’m going to teach you to disable it. If you are running a virtual blog tour you might want to let all of your hosts know or their links to you and the sites that sell your books might not work.

  1. Backup your template just in case.
    1. Click on the Design tab.
    2. Click Download Full Template
  2. Removing the nofollow html
    1. Click on the Design tab & Edit html
    2. Check the box that says Expand Widget Template
    3. Press Ctrl f
    4. Type rel=’nofollow' in the box next to the word find
    5. Press enter on your key board
    6. rel=’nofollow’ will be highlighted
    7. Delete rel=’nofollow'
    8. Return to the Find box where you typed rel=’nofollow' and click Next ▼
    9. Delete rel=’nofollow'
    10. Repeat this process until the words rel=’nofollow' turn pink in the Find box
    11. Preview to make sure your blog looks okay.
    12. Save it

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Susanne Drazic said...

Hi Aday. Thanks for sharing this information.